{preorder} spring soy candle

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wood sage & sea salt

Need a little nudge?

"Aside from it smells really good and it burns longer than paraffin-based candle, I love the fact that it is handmade with a lot of thought put into it. From the ingredients used to the packaging—everything comes together to make it good for you and for the environment."


"I really liked the smell of the candle. It is indeed calming to me and relieves my stress while I'm doing my work. Another thing I liked most is that it doesn't melt fast. I think your candles are some of the most affordable ones out there too."


"The candles are well thought of. The mix and match of the candles and flowers makes it unique and adorable, perfect for my taste. The candles resonate with my heart. A vibe full of light, color & peace."


"I really did love the candles as they were quite fragrant, burned for quite a while and the vessels are gorgeous. You can tell a lot of love has been put into these."