ask yourself

ask yourself

Way back in college, a friend randomly texted me:

“What would you rather be doing right now?” 

I knew that it was something but I didn’t really realize how powerful it was until a few weeks ago. Thankfully, upon looking back at the time I first encountered this question, I was able to find my way forward. I got back on track and was readier than ever to achieve my goals. Shortly after asking myself again, I got lost in a sea of ideas. To be honest, I could fill a whole notebook with things I’d rather be doing. But then, knowing what I want is just one thing. There’s more to uncover to complete the equation.

And so, I asked myself another question.

“What’s stopping you from doing it?”

There must be something that’s hindering me from doing that thing. Otherwise, what kind of fool am I not to do the things that will make me really happy? I listed everything down from actual challenges up to feeble excuses.

I don’t really expect myself to overcome all these hurdles overnight or even in a span of one year. After all, sustainable success doesn't happen on a whim. I knew that if I really wanted to make it, I’d have to do it the right way so, here’s the question that closed the loop.

“What can you do today to overcome #2 and achieve #1?”

As they say, slowly but surely. To avoid getting overwhelmed, I focus on what I can do today and try to accomplish small yet significant steps that will help me achieve my goals and overcome my challenges. Once pooled together, these baby steps can make a huge difference.

All these three questions are equally important because they serve as a guide on how I can make the most out of every day. Without #1, I won’t have a clear vision of my goals, without #2, I won’t be able to overcome my challenges, and without #3, I won’t be able to attain #1. To show you how it works, here are my answers.

What would you rather be doing right now?

I’d rather be working on my own lifestyle brand- doing crafts and sewing clothes.

What’s stopping you from doing it? 

I don’t have sufficient savings yet and I’m not confident with my skills.

What can you do today to help you overcome #2 and achieve #1?

I will be more mindful of my expenses by tracking them daily and avoiding mindless consumption. I will allow at least an hour a day to read, research, and practice.

Now, it’s time to ask yourself too. What would you rather be doing right now? You can even change the question a bit to help you focus on what you would like to work on. Here are some ideas:

What kind of person would you rather be?

Who would you rather be with?

What kind of career would you rather be pursuing?

If your answers are completely different from what you’re currently doing, it’s time to face the truth and ask yourself: What’s stopping you from doing it? from being the kind of person you’d rather become? from being with someone you’d rather be with?

Now that you’ve identified the hurdles, answer this: What can you do today to overcome that challenge and achieve whatever your goal is? Again, take it one day at a time. There’s no need to rush. Remember that one step forward is way better than staying in the same place while sulking about how you can’t reach your goals.

With these questions in mind accompanied by doing the necessary actions, I’m sure that in no time, we can all do it!

It is not an easy journey and of course, there will be days when you’ll feel like you’re not getting anywhere or you don’t feel like doing anything. Rest if you must but make sure that you’ll do what you have to the day after. If we can spend hours mindlessly scrolling through our phones, what’s an hour a day to work on our goals? Trust me, we’ll get there soon.

By the way, it would be better if you’ll write these things down so you can better reflect on them. Plus, having a visual reminder, such as a written note, makes doing things easier. In case you find this post interesting and helpful, show some love, and share it with a friend.

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