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  • does it matter to you

    by Allyza Tolentino does it matter to you
    I turned 24 a couple of months ago, and you know what comes with age aside from wisdom? Yes, self-imposed timelines based on unrealistic goals and...
  • jump in and own it

    by Allyza Tolentino jump in and own it
    About two months ago, my boss offered me a promotion. And in the general scheme of things, promotions are supposed to be great, right? This one ha...
  • fear of failure

    by Allyza Tolentino fear of failure
    Over the holiday break, I visited my lola's house to spend time with my family. One of my cousins, Joshua, just finished his keyboard class. Out...
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  • ikigai

    by Allyza Tolentino ikigai
    It was in January 2017 when I first got introduced to Ikigai—a Japanese concept which is known as the secret to a happy, healthy, and meaningful l...
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  • passion project

    by Allyza Tolentino passion project
    What is a passion project and how do you start one? Basically, a passion project is a project focused on you doing what you love doing. Not sure w...
  • ask yourself

    by Allyza Tolentino ask yourself
    Way back in college, a friend randomly texted me: “What would you rather be doing right now?”  I knew that it was something but I didn’t really r...